****The Fast Holster - SUPER MAGNET

Well it's not really a holster in the traditional sense but a SUPER MAGNET that is a very effective way to mount and hide your handgun just about anywhere! The Fast Holster SUPER MAGNET is rated to 40 pounds! In fact, it consists of three different magnets set in a row that are coated in a rubberized plastic to protect the finish of your firearm. It comes with two very convenient holes drilled into the plate that allow you to mount this unit just about anywhere. This allows you to place your handgun just about anywhere for immediate access. Hence the name: Fast Holster.

My main interest for this item is to mount a unit under my desk and have the handgun "stuck" to the underside of the desktop for immediate access. Of course, I don't put a round in the chamber of this handgun as an added safety precaution and I recommend you do the same. Safety is always the primary concern.

That said, many users find very clever ways to use the SUPER MAGNET. One mounts it on a wall next to her front door at about 5 feet off the floor and concealed by the draperies. The gun is there, out of sight and out of mind and away from any "young" hands that may visit. We've also heard of customers placing these in retail stores under the counter, in closets above the doorway, and some have used zip ties to mount under their car seat.

Keep in mind, this Fast Holster SUPER MAGNET can also hold tools and other metal objects so I'm sure you'll find plenty of uses for this item around your workshop, home, auto, etc.

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