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Custom Design your Concealment Options!

Now you can custom design your concealment options with this holster made from surgical grade elastic, which will hold and help conceal all self-defense handguns securely. It's a perfect Inside the Waistband carry option....and it's like not wearing a holster at all!

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans or that special jacket you just love to wear... of course, we all do and that's why we're offering this easy to install concealment holster. Simply sew it into your jeans, dress or casual pants, jackets, vests, you name it to make your own custom concealment option.

Please specify either right or left handed. Buy two and save!

This goes great with our PSP (Personal Security Pocket) that holds your wallet, cash, cell phone, iPod, ID, and other valuables securely and out of sight and reach of would be bad guys. See item #4036

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