Sometimes it can feel a bit difficult to balance the need to protect yourself with the desire to ensure your concealed carry is well concealed. But concealment isn’t the only thing these men and women must consider. They also need to ensure that their weapon is easily accessible if and when it is time to use it.   

When looking for the perfect balance between accessibility and concealment, many people find the answer is belly band holsters. Available in many different sizes, these large elastic bands are big enough to cover the hips and are safely secured to your body using Velcro.Contact us today to learn more about our available belly band holsters or to ask us about our other concealed carry holster options.  


The Benefits of Belly Band Holsters  

Flexibility – Belly band holsters are made using a very stretchable material. This allows the holster to work with many types and sizes of guns.  

Accessibility – You just need to lift your shirt to gain access to your gun. This makes a belly band holster much more convenient than an ankle holster or other less accessible options.  

Organization – Most belly band holsters come with multiple pockets to make it easy for you to place your gun and ammunition. 

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