August 17, 2018

Firing your handgun quickly and accurately takes a lot of practice and patience. To become great at something you must practice it over and over again. However, you do not want to be practicing incorrectly. The team at Master of Concealment wants you to feel confident if you ever need to use your handgun in self-defense, so we have provided a couple tips to help you practice drawing your firearm the correct way.


The key to shooting fastly and more accurately is a good foundation, and that foundation is a a good grip. The way you hold your gun effects so many things, such as sight picture, trigger pull, accuracy almost more than anything. The way you hold your gun, and the consistency in which you hold your gun is crucial for an effective draw.The first thing you should focus on when reaching for your firearm is to get a good grip on your firearm. When pulling your handgun from your holster, you should have a firm grip on the handle. If you do not have a steady grip as you are bringing your gun up to aim, it can take precious time to readjust.


Once you have a solid grip on your gun, you need to raise it up and aim at your target. There are many factors that contribute to consistent accuracy. It is paramount to practice the proper stance, sight alignment, sight picture.  While you are aiming, you should also practice controlling your breathing because that is another factor that will affect your accuracy.


You simply cannot over empathize the importance of both dry fire and range practice.  Once you have mastered the basics of dry fire practice, you should devote some time to some live fire drills. Hopefully, you can find a range that will allow for practice on multiple targets in a realistic setting. If you are ever in Southern California, we suggest stopping by the GlockStore. They have Tactical Combat Rooms and have designed a self-defense training program called GUNfit.  

 The next step is to practice reloading your handgun and pulling from amagazine holster. Shop our selection of concealed carry holsters and magazine holsters on our website.We hope these tips help you to draw quickly and accurately.

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