August 16, 2018

Everyone chooses to conceal carry for a different reason, but for many women the main reason is self-defense. Here at Master of Concealment, we want you to feel confident when you are concealing a firearm. That desire lead us to compile a plethora of concealed carry holster options. It is also that same desire that encouraged us to write this article and compile some concealed carry tips for women below.

Select the Ideal Handgun- When choosing a firearm, you should be comfortable with the size and weight of that firearm because you will be carrying it around all the time.  If you don't feel comfortable shooting or carrying your firearm, you are likely to not carry it on you on a daily basis.  If a gun is too heavy, it can also affect your accuracy when shooting. Being comfortable and in control is vital when concealing a handgun.

Practice, Practice, Practice-Visiting the range often will help you become more confident when carrying. Once you understand how to shoot correctly, you will feel more in control and be more comfortable carrying every day. The confidence from carrying a firearm comes from the confidence you have when using firearms

Be Comfortable With Placement-Carrying a firearm every single day in the same place is how you become comfortable with your gun. Whether you decide to carry at your waist, ankle, in your purse, or around your thigh, you should be comfortable with the placement. If an emergency arises, you need to be able to reach for your firearm quickly.

With these tips, we hope you can better prepare to conceal carry a handgun. When it comes to womens concealed carry clothing, Master of Concealment has a diverse selection including pants, shirts, purses, jackets, and more! 

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