SnapLok Holster

A new twist on the traditional belt slide holster that combines our Auto Retention concept with internal retention and easy on/off belt loops. The FingerLok internal locking mechanism automatically blocks the trigger guard when the weapon is firmly seated in the holster. As the pistol is drawn, simply depress the release tab with the middle finger to release the mechanism. It's simple and swift. Belt loops feature snaps that may positioned with the tabs in the upward or downward position. The reinforced top stays open for easy one-handed holstering. 1.5" belt loops. PATENT PENDING


* Auto Retention™ automatically secures firearm
* Belt loops snap on and off for easy on/off convenience
* FingerLok release mechanism provides retention and offers smooth drawing motion
* Reinforced top stays open for one-handed holstering
* Belt loop may be adjusted for snap opening in up or down position
* Fits up to 1.5" belt loops
* 16° forward rake

Plain Tan
Plain Black


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