DVD-Little Knives Big Trouble

Small But Dangerous! They' re small lightweight, very popular and... extremely dangerous! Lenny Magill explores the reality of the little knife 2-3" blades that can be... BIG TROUBLE. Magill demonstrates and displays the most popular little knives now available and then shows what they can do when used viscously and violently against an aggressor.

You'll see Benchmade, Spyderco, Cold Steel, Swiss Army and even Leatherman and Gerber Multitools like you have never seen them before. And, You'll have a new-found respect for these little knives after you see what they do to the star of this show... "Meat-Man". Lots of cutting and slashing demonstrations.

If you carry a knife you should see this video... If you don't... You will after you see this video!

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