Custom Molded Kydex Holster

Lights, lasers, and other accessories add a great deal of functionality to your favorite handgun. The problem is the sheer number of different accessories, each with their own size and shape, makes finding that perfect holster extremely difficult, if not down right impossible.

At least it was impossible until now!

The GlockStore Custom Shop now offers custom made holsters that will absolutely, positively fit your handgun and light/laser accessory like it was made for it… because it will be.

Glockstore Performance & Custom is proud to offer our Custom Molded Kydex Holster, available with your choice of belt loops or with an easy on/off belt clip. Just let us know in the Comments Box at checkout which handgun model and what accessory is mounted to it.We'll take it from there and make a custom holster that fits your rig like a glove!

Please Note: If we do not have your specific model of firearm or attachment on-hand for molding purposes, a customer service representative will be in touch to explain the process of shipping your items to our Custom Shop.Because this is a custom holster, made especially for you, this item is billed in full at the time of your order. It is not eligible for cancellations, returns, refunds, or exchanges. In case of manufacturer defects please contact our customer service department to discuss exchanges/repairs. Kydex is a highly durable, virtually maintenance-free material that has become the standard for Semi-Auto handgun holsters. A GlockStore Kydex holster is comfortable, compact, and easy to conceal. And since the holster body never collapses, it allows for a smooth and easy one hand re-holster.

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