5378 GLS Paddle & Belt Conc. Holster

Comfortable access to the gun for a smooth and efficient draw. An all new version of the popular 200 Top Gun, the 2005 lowers the holster body and handgun grip by 1.50" (38mm) providing quick, comfortable access to the pistol for a smooth and efficient draw. It's classified as a Level I Retention holster.

Police officers are most familiar with this top draw, mid-ride, and straight cant. These features allow for a quick, easy draw, and comfortable carry. The 2005 has a low profile thumb break and one way directional snap with a hammer strap that holds the weapon firmly in place. The holster tensioning device provides adjustable gun retention.

Safariland's rigid UBL anchors the holster and stabilizes it on the duty belt with hardened aerospace fasteners. The holster and belt become one unit, keeping the 2005 firmly in place as the weapon is drawn. The 2005 features wraparound construction of thermal-molded Safari-Laminate materials. The weapon will still fit snugly after rigorous daily use. It also has a molded sight track and is fully lined with soft Safari-Suede to protect the gun's finish.

Available in Black only.

Please note: in-stock availability of certain Safariland holsters may be limited. If your order is time sensitive, we recommend contacting us to verify quantities.

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