Stealth Ankle Holster

If you're looking for an Ankle Holster I strongly urge you to consider the Stealth Ankle Holster from Galco. It is the most comfortable and secure ankle holster available.It's an all leather holster molded to fit your handgun attached to a neoprene ankle cuff.

This is the holster that Law Enforcement professionals prefer! Sometimes you need deep concealment... very deep! Our ankle holsters provide you with a way to conceal a small to medium sized handgun under your trousers on your ankle. The Stealth Ankle Holster is an all leather holster molded to securely fit your handgun attached to a neoprene ankle cuff. The cuff features sheepskin padding between the holster and your ankle. It is very comfortable and able to support the extra weight of the Mini-Glocks and other small handguns.

It's the Perfect Ankle Holster for the Glock 42 and Glock 43.

The holster itself features a reinforced thumb break and the entire rig can be worn with or without an adjustable leg strap for added stability (optional strap sold separately). It incorporates a large velcro closure which is adjustable to fit most adult legs and ankles and help eliminate any unwanted gun movement. If you need deep cover, this is it! 

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